From VSH to DVD...?

How would i go about saving my VSH tapes to DVD? I have AnyDVD, CloneCD, CloneDVD2, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink 3.2, and Nero. All versions are up-to-date. Running a Sony Corporation PCV-RX551(UC)

Well, you need to transmit the video and sound data towards your computer.

In order to do this your computer needs two capturing devices:

  • Video capture device: For instance a Pinnacle TV card or a nVidia CinemaFX 5200. There are also lot of USB devices that can do this.
  • Sound capture device: The line-in of your soundcard

Now you need to the cable that can seperately transmit video and audio to your computer. Depends on your VHS player of course, but all of them can use a SCART cable.

Then you need a program that can record stuff from these devices. I dunno if the latest Nero can do that. After that the two seperate streams ((video and audio) need to be converted to a DVD format.

I myself have a nVidia CinemaFX 5200 video card which comes with a built in tuner, break out box with all the necessary input and output conectors plus the software. It creates dvd files automatically.…php?forumid=90

Since I do not have a TV capture card, I was able to use an old VCR and my Sony pro digital camera as a digital pass through over firewire to SONICMYDVD maker or Sony movie maker as well as you can do the the same procedure with the full version of Nero! Just home movies! It is not worth the effort for factory VHS tapes IMHO!

I bought a 30 dollar pci card for the exact same thing off of V-stream pci TV DVR 883. It came bundled with all the software and cables to plug your vcr, or cable box or whatever straight in and capture your movies to DVD or the hard drive. It basically transorms your pc into a DVR with dvd burning support.

As mrB stated, there are several makes and models of this type of critter, you can spend 30 bucks to 300 bucks depending on how serious you want to go. They come as internal cards like mine, or as external boxes that are usb and or firewire.

My 30 dollar unit even came with a remote control so I can channel surf my cable tv and set the auto time to capture shows when I’m not around, kinda like a tivo.

Thx all for replying. Either way, I have some shopping to do. I’m not trying to get too serious though I do want to produce some decent recordings. I like the fact i can get it done without spending a bundle. Oh why would i want to reproduce factory VHS tapes? i have a few that are pretty old and would love to put them on DVD instead of rebuying everything.

Nice deal! :bigsmile:

Yeah, I kinda lucked out on that one, think I was on a thread here or afterdawn and saw the card posted by one of the other users. I was a lil bummed that I couldn’t get the free software upgrade they claim to have managed, but for an entry level card price, I’m pretty pleased. Godd price point to get your feet wet on this and a decent card for the job…:slight_smile:

I couldn’t find the original bundle I bought on, but here is a link on that is almost the same deal.

v-stream xpert

It’s basically the same card with bundled software, not sure this one comes with the remote.

Good luck…:slight_smile:

Thx you for the heads up, i truly appreciate it.

This forum gets better everyday! Might be my next purchase!

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I ment the PCI CARD! LOL
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I found the product I actually bought on newegg, if interestd, here is the actual link, it is still available…:slight_smile:

I have allways found the capture quality from VHS of the WinTV-PVR to be very high (I use the PVR-250 - almost identicle to the PVR-150). It is also very user friendly - as long as you don’t try and use it along side one of the WinTV DVB cards, then they both screw up due to the software not working properly with both.

What will probably make the biggest quality difference is the quality of your VHS player. If you are using a battered old VHS player expect alot of noise, bad colour etc. My advice would be to get a decent new VHS player also, Panasonic have always been very good. I would also advise you got one with S-VIDEO as the quality transfer is better than with the video transfered over RCA cables. If not set up properly you may end up with a black and white image, so it depends how much time you want to put in for a slight increase in quality.

Ben :slight_smile:

How is the audio & video quality of the dvds you produce using this product? I’m looking for an affordable but decent setup to transfer vhs to dvd with my emachines T2896 pc. Primarily I want the setup for transfering older skateboard videos and bootleg concert videos only available on vhs to dvd.

I also went the inexpensive route, bougth a Xpert DVD Maker card by V-Stream for < $29 at Fry’s.
In My Opinion, the quality of the video and audio is just as good as the original VHS.
Check out this link
The card also included software to capture and convert the video to a format that DVD Shrink can use to write a DVD disk.
My only complaint is that the conversion of a 1.5 hour video takes about 1 hour, other than that, the software included does a decent enough job in enabling you to edit your captured video.

I want to do the same as Ambrose…convert vhs (regular VHS and 8mm VHS) tapes to dvd and have been looking around the web for information. How much will this Plextor ConvertX PX-AV100U do for me? Is it worth it? Do I really need it? See specs below.

I like the prices (and simplicity) I see here for the $30 PCI cards.

I’m just beginning to research this topic guys…so don’t kick me too hard while I’m down. I’m hoping the pros here will help me get it figured out.

Does the speed of the computer make that much difference? I have a 1.5GB, 512MB, HP Pavilion 7955.

Price: $79.00 (Before $20 Mail-in Rebate)
ConvertX™ PX-AV100U from Plextor® is the ultimate solution for converting video into the DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 capture format via real time software encoder

is that plextor an external unit? my experience is if you can go firewire instead of usb2, it’s worth it. Ive some very limited experience usb capture…mostly by ads, and always ran into audio sync problems in long runs (over a half hour)

for me, its been fine, quality is as good or a little better than the original vhs. I did run into trouble using coax, for best results use svideo cable is you can, rca if you can’t use svideo cable.