From VOB to ISO?




I’ve downloaded a video DVD in TS/VOB format.
I’d like to use Plextools to burn it, but the only chance I see is to burn ISO files.

Is there any chance to burn TS/VOB using Plextools?

If not, what’s the quickest way to bring it to ISO format?



Visit the Doom9 page

or just for the whole deal.

There are a variety of things to try.

I like DVDDecrypter. It will save as ISO. then you just burn it using Decrypter. You wouldn’t need Plextools. but there are all kinds of choices.


Visit or download ImgTool Classic directly from here:
It creates ISO image file from DVD-Video files. You have to select the folder containing the VIDEO_TS folder. It’s free.
You can burn the ISO with PlexTools or with DVD Decrypter. I prefer Decrypter.


If you only have the .VOB files use Ifoedit (free) to make the .IFO and .BUP files.