From VHS to DVD Burner


Sorry if this question has already been asked. Is there a program that burns a VHS str8t to DVD burner without going thru an authoring program like Encore DVD or Nero Vision? The quality does not matter.

My best regards to all of you and thanks for your help.

Only a stand-alone DVD Recorder, some LiteOns are able to by-pass Macrovision protection on commercial VHS tapes. Or you can use something like Dimax RedPro between your VCR and DVD Recorder if your Recorder cannot by-pass Macrovision.

Other than that, you would need to author or encode the mpeg captures of those VHS tapes that are on your computer into DVD compliant files (VOBs, IFOs, BUPs) in order to burn them to disc.

uLead DVD Movie Factory claims to be able to. Never tried it in that mode though.