From Tokyo

A friend of mine will be heading back home from Tokyo in a few weeks. He called me that he is going to Akihabara (electronic city) and asked me if I wanted something “Made in Japan”. I told him that I have everything I need here (well except an Ipod, 19" LCD, 4GB CF card, 2GB SD card, GSA1463, 300GB HDD etc). :bigsmile:

Last year he bought an ibm laptop S series, smaller than X series here in the US but I don’t like it since it’s too small for me, I don’t understand the letters on the keyboard and everywhere (japanese), warranty issue, and too expensive. :smiley:

If you were me, what gears possibly you want from tokyo that is not available in your country, for say 500 USD max?

A geisha Girl… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s not Made in Japan but “born in Japan” lol.

500 USD…hmmm … maybe i want a couple of Tokyo Marui air compressed sniper rifles…:D:D
throw in a night vision scope also…

LG GSA 4163B, still not available in Holland. :a :frowning: :a

4GB CF you have already?? It’s so expensive in South Korea.

You must have meant GSA-4163B. (Not 1463.) :slight_smile:

Akihabara is just a tiny part of Toyo metropolitan area in front of the Akihabara Station like Yongsan in front of the Yongsan Station in Seoul. A lot of buildings and streets and roads inside them. and may be of some help.

Hm. If it were me, ND-3520A first of all. GSA-4163B. PX-716A. PX-712SA. SD-R5372. TS-H552A.

And hundreds of types of media including all available 16x DVD media and 3x to 5x DVD-RAM and Blu-ray media.

Sony PlayStation Personal (PSP) (no idea what it costs, but it sure looks nice!)


Nintendo DS, NEC 3520 IODATA Drive with Autobitrsetting on SL and DL DVD+R to DVD-ROM (NEC Retail or any other sold in Japan will not do that…) , LG GSA-4163B IODATA with auto bitsetting of DVD+R DL (Not on SL) to DVD-ROM , Lots of DVD and CD Blanks, Videocamcorder, PSP or anything else you wold like…lol

Hmmm I think I would go broke visiting Japan. :smiley:

Why do everybody want an LG? More to the point, what is so great about that specific GSA-[lotsofnumbers] model?

See the LG forum. :wink: PCAV 16x instead of 16x CAV means that it kicks butt in speed.

It also can burn on all available DVD blanks which is also a PLUS.

Nintendo DS is available in the US for US$149 or less. Sony PSP, NEC 3520, LG 4163 not yet, couldn’t fine any. Anyone knows the prices for them?

NEC and LG… hm… I might get them both just to make Kenshin :sad:
That “IODATA” is the brand my friend should look? and how to tell from the box? Does the box says IODATA with somekind of “NEC 3520” or “LG GSA-4163B” on it?

No I don’t have that. I wrote: I have everything…, except
Link for the Lg dubbed DVR-ABH16A by IODATA about 16000Yen (should go on sale any time now…)
Link for the NEC dubbed DVR-ABN16A by IODATA about 15000Yen

eek… 16000Yen ~ USD160. I found in the LG forum for $79+shipping.
Thanks folks for the inputs. Any other cool gadgets?

A Toshiba TS-H552A, some Sony, TDK & Maxell 16x DVD-R…

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