From the horse's mouth

I would like to clear up all this information i have about cdr/w drives.I have made a list of drives that seem to be good at burning safedisc4 and securom7. Now the thing is, which is the best one? :doh:
Here is my list: Plextor Premium
Liteon 52327s(8s)
ASUS 5232A

I also noted that the ltd-166s is a good dvd-rom drive to play backuped games. If somone knows a better drive then the ones posted, please tell me.I have money for only one of these drives and a dvd-rom drive so money isnt a real obstacle.Thx joe

nothing beats a Plextor Premium when it comes down to copying SecuROM-protected CDs.
if a Premium will also successfully burn new SafeDisc’s depends on luck. nobody can tell you before you buy it, some do make backups that run in 50%-70% of all drives, others won’t make a single successful SD backup…
i own a Premium and i’m glad with it, as it makes good SD-copies…

i cannot tell about the other drives, so there you have to wait for other replies…

My premium will create and read back every time the 3sheep test file. The same disc will also copy back ok from a Sony DRU500. Hit and miss 50/50 from my Toshiba 1710 DVD Rom reader. The above is on verbatim CD-RW disc’s written at 24x. I have been unable to duplicate this with a CD-R, regardless of write speed, or brand. Go figure. With the SecuRom ability, and the right software, it’s the best drive in my opinion.

Sounds like the plextor premium is the best drive then.Wat about a DVD-ROM drive? Is the ltd-166s the best drive for playing backuped games?

Personally, I’d stick with a CD-ROM type games. Unfortunately, SafeDisc DVD isn’t able to back up to DVD. But I have a LG 4163, that does a good job on copies, as well as speed (it also supports DVD-RAM 5x)