From the front page Britain's DVD pirates busted

I was reading the whole article and this intrigued me. Maybe I should have put this in the newbie forum but I’m quoting from the article.

“The discs they were buying were copied CD-roms which quickly wreck conventional DVD players by interfering with their laser readers.”


The customers were also unaware they were buying discs that would ruin their DVD players after just four or five plays.

Is this scare tactics or is there truth to this? I know an out of balance disc can ruin any drive but this sounds fishy to me.

im willin to believe this is jus scare tactics cos pirated cd’s etc been around for ages and surely we would have heard suttin along timme ago regarding this… hopefully no one can prove me wrong fingers crossed

I’m guessing its a typo. But who knows.

I was about to post on this. Sounds like whoever wrote that article listened to crap fed them by the investigators as scare tactics.

could have sworn that a different diode was responsible for cd reading and dvd reading…

if copied disks ruined equipment then their would be no such thing as cd and dvd burners. lol :wink: