From SD-M1402 to 166S worth it?


speed is not everything for me, the dvdrom should just be able to read protected cds and read/play backups.

Q: is the LiteON 166S drive much better for that than the Toshiba SD-M1402?

cmak :slight_smile:

I’ve never had mine fail on a DVD or CD, does a pretty good rip speed for movies.

It did fail to read a badly written DVD+R that my Pioneer DVR-105 could read (think it wasn’t finalised or something).

What do you mean by better?

Both are good drives, each with its own strenght. The toshi is a better reader on some accounts, yet more picky to play protected cd backups, while the Litey is a more tolerable drive of cd backups.

arg, bought it…couldnt resist ^^)
thx for the info


Will you use both drives now, or is one replacing the other?

i have both installed now. why?