From Nero to imgBurn?

As long as I have had a PC I have used Nero without a problem.
But maybe theres a better software?
Is imgBurn better? or maybe some other software?
I burn almost only DVDs if thats any matter.
And is there any way I can test if a software burnes better quality than Nero?
Should I just burn some diffferent DVDs, CDs and copy burn CDs and then check the quality with Nero DiscSpeeds Disc Quality and Scan Disc and see wich one performes better?
Or is there any other method?

Im not looking for to improve my Burnes quality just for the quality of it by benchmarking, quality testing and scanning with DiskSpeed.
I just burn DVDs and watch on my stand alone player.
So I would like to know if theres any real world differences between the sowtwares.

So I would like to know if theres any real world differences between the sowtwares.

There isn’t.

The hardware controls the burn quality, which bit of software you use makes no difference.

It’s the program features / bugs that should help you decided on which to use.

Thanks. Just as I thought.
But if you are picky and would test for example Nero againt ImgBurn in Neros DiscSpeed for quality in the Disc Quality test would there be any difference at all? Or is the quality allways the same no matter what software you use if the burner is the same?

If you can select the burn speed manually, and if the burn completes without any buffer under-run, there is no way the software used can have any impact on the burn quality.
The burn quality will always vary slightly from burn to burn, however, and also from scan to scan of the same disc in the same scanning drive.

Different burning programs can have different features and may support different data/audio/video formats, they can be different in size and complexity, and they can be free or cost money. Those are the things you need to decide between.

[*] Unless the drive has options that can be turned on or off, such as SolidBurn, HyperTuning etc. and the software changes these settings before the burn.

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