From MPEG2 to VOB without demux / mux?

I have a MPEG2. To create a VOB, I have to demux it and then mux it with the correct options. I use:

  • demux - Comskip with -m option
  • mux - mplex with -f 8 option
  1. Is it possible insert the NAV packets directly without demux/mux-ing ?
  2. In this demux/mux-ing process, would it cause the audio and video to go out of sync ? If so, how to repair it ?


Is this question related to your other thread in the Newbie forum:

Perhaps you could explain why you want to insert navpacks…? As far as I know there’s no point unless you have the corresponding IFO file from the DVD-Video structure.

I was following the advice from another posting that I should use the GUI first. I use DVDAuthorGUI and saw that it accepts as input files:

  • video/audio streams
  • MPEG with NAV packets

WHen I try to feed my TV MPEG recording to it, it complains “MPEG are not detect in… Please demultiplex”.

I demux it using Comskip with -m option. THen I feed in as elemetry stream.

I just thought. I already have an MPEG. I then demux and then DVDAuthor mux it back with NAV packet. Then won’t it be faster if I just insert the NAV packets inside ?

Or just use DVDLab Pro (they have a working demo available) to author as it accepts MPEG or VOB files as well as the normal elementry video/audio/subs streams.