From mp3 to wave backto mp3

Hi guys n gals

I have a short if not dumb question

my daughter had some mp3’s she wanted on cd so I let nero burn it

next she deleated her mp3’s off her camera card or whatever she had them on

now she’s decided she wants them back … well is there any way to convert from the cd/wave format back to mp3 without alotta further lossy artifacts??

hope im being clear chas
and thx in advance

Any ripping software will do the work, like CDex for example, but bear in mind that the resulting quality will be not the same of the original mp3.

In fact, mp3 is a so-called “lossy” way to compress audio files, i.e. the file is compressed removing some information from the audio.

If you compress again the audio CD some more data will be removed, and the resulting quality can be ugly. The best way is to use a lossless codec like FLAC or APE, at least the resulting quality will be the same of the original mp3 :slight_smile:

Both codecs can be used with CDex, if I remember correctly. An alternative is using foobar 2000 to rip and convert files :slight_smile:

Hi and thx for the quick reply

Im using EAC with lame is there a setting that can allow me to get the most out of this already lossy cd made from 128k mp3’s i guess im asking how to save as much info as possible at the mp3 level ??

thanks again

I think that the highest bitrate (320) is the best choice to improve quality.

But I still suggest to use the FLAC or APE codecs (both free). EAC is able to support both :slight_smile:

If you already have an mp3 file, just copy it to whatever device you are going to. It will be the same as original, no conversion is necessary, unless you want smaller file, than lower bitrate will degrade it further.

If the MP3s were 128k to begin with, no point re-encoding them any bigger. To verify this, try encoding them with a VBR profile of, say, 96k to 256k. They’ll end up slightly less than 128k.

[B]Would anyone know how I can convert my wav. files to mp3 files, using cdex 1.70 beta 2?[/B]

Would anyone know how I can convert my wav. files to mp3 files, using cdex 1.70 beta 2?

iirc it’s pretty easy. RTFM or just look at the menus.