From dvr-109 to dvr-110

I have a dvr-109 and I would like to pass to the dvr-110.
What do you say?

Excuse me for my English.

“pass to”, what do you mean?

Buying an 110 to replace the 109??


if your 109 works fine you should just keep it, it is not worth to pay more for around same quality unless you want dvd ram.

…and faster -R DL and +R DL burning.

You need two drives! But I would buy two different brands! 1655 would work well with the 109! Or the 4550!

I already have 2 drives, the pioneer dvr-109 and the toshiba SD-R5372V.
I wanted to replace 109 with 110.

Your fine! Just keep what you have for about 6 months! Things are changing very fast!

Your 109 is fine!
wait for dvr-111 or second generation Pioneer BU102 drive

Unless you have a problem with the 109 (I gather they can have issues with 16x burning), then hold fire, the DVR-111 should be along sooner or later, especially as it seems the the 110 is not being restocked in many places.

Who knows what the next model will offer, though there isn’t much further that DVD +/- R/RW can be taken.

On the other hand, if there WAS a good reason to replace a drive that isn’t that old, it would also be a good reason to choose a different make.

There is a firmware RPC1+removed riplock+bitsetting also for 109?