I’ve been trying to do the job in different ways but I failed.

First of all, I don’t want to compress the files, therefore keep the original 8GB of the source DVD.
I used InterVideo DVD which splits automatically the DVD into Disc1 and Disc2.
Then converted the file from NTSC to PAL using NeroVisionExpress, saving it into .ngr (image).
The problem here is that I want to burn Disc1 first, then put it into my DVD Player and record to VHS, then same process with Disc 2, but unfortunately when I try to split the image file with specific programs I got an error.

So, basically I’ve been doing this excercise in all forms for the last two days, but no results, everything has been thrown into the recycled bin and I’m ready to start again, but not without the help of some of you.

Thanks guys.



Nobody can help? :sad:



What for an error?
You want to record a 8gb file from dvd to a vhs tape. The vhs tape has 240min of space,
in this case you don’t need to split the file, even if you really want to do so, what for
apps you are using? :wink: Oh i forget you don’t need to compress, just burn on
a DL disc and then record it to the vhs tape you’ve different tapes 240 min.,
300min etc.!



Well, actually I don’t remember the message error, I was exhausted and ended up to throw everything in the recycle bin after two days of test :a

However, I wanted to avoid to buy a DL ($$$) given that in this case the function of the DVD media is to get the PAL format of the original source (in NTSC) and then play it into my DVD Player to be recorded for a friend of mine on 2 180 min. VHS, he does not own a DVD Player!

My DVD Player can play both NTSC and PAL formats.
MY TV is also multistandard.
But my cassette video recorder can only record in PAL format.

As a result, I cannot record straight from the source because the DVD Player plays the media in NTSC.
If I play it in PAL, I will get desyincronization.
That’s why I was thinking to do as above mentioned .

Any better suggestion is very welcome!

Thank you
Alex :confused:


You mentioned “specific programs” what for?
Also a good app to convert different tv standards like ntsc to pal etc. and
creatin a dvd video is tmpg encoder. Do you tried this?
Normally it should works so, play a pal dvd in the dvd player connected with
the vhs recorder(pal). I’ve done this many times and never had problems. I think
your prob is somewhere with the progs you use maybe configurations


Yes, I know TMPGEnc quite well and honestly, I tried first Nero because it was doing the conversion and burning at the same time.
In effect, if I copy the original NTSC DVD on my HD, then convert the entire file into PAL using TMPGEnc, I could then split the file into two parts and burn the first part on DVD, record it on VHS, then same process with the second part.

In theory it should work, unless I’m missing some bits…

Thank you


You might not need to split the DVD if you get rid of the menus and additional audio tracks, obviously you’re not going to need them anyway if you’re going to be recording from VCR. As for NTSC to PAL conversion, my method is AviSynth and various filters which depend on the source. Programs like TMPGEnc are pretty crude and generally just decimate some of the fields/frames, it needs a human eye to do a good quality conversion in my opinion.


Hi Mr Horse,

I agree with your thinking, however, considering that the final destination is a VHS tape, I don’t need to be “refined”, the quality will be reduced anyhow, you know what I mean.

One last thinking, if I convert everything to PAL using TMPGEnc, how can I feed the original vob file into it?
The question is: Does TMPGEnc accept vob files directly to be converted into PAL or do I have do go through another process?