From dos via floppy- cannot "see" hard drive

simple as that- i cannot flash OR backup- once i restart win 2000 pro in Dos with the drdexe floppy- i start in

however- when i type c: to change
i get
invalid drive

i have 2 hard drives
c and f
one is Ntsc one is FAT32

NEITHER are seen once in dos- so i cannot get to my folder to backup and flash my nec2510

PLEASE help- im a noob to all this.

backup on a floppy drive.

Once you load Dos you don’t need the boot floppys for the rest of your operations, since it’s loaded in ram

Place the Flasher and BIN file on a 2nd floppy, once you’ve booted from DOS, put the second floppy in the drive and flash from there

i got a Error unable to open/load file when i got it to see the c: drive (ntsc dos boot program seemed to do it…)

backup worked like a charm- but cannot flash to harries 107v2b5d for some reason.


flash from floppy worked - i am now at 107v2b5d

however- i cannot seem to make bitsetting dvdinfopro + nero or DVDdecrypter to work.

I get error (this drive does not support bitsetting)

please help!

need to make dvdr+ booktype dvd-rom

You do not have to set booktype to dvd-rom it is always dvd-rom with herrie’s hacked firmware 107v2b5!