From CDRLabs: 8x Verbatim 100pk $25 AR

From CdrLabs, verbatim 8x +/-R 100pk $25 after rebate @


Thanks for the heads up but if that rebate didn’t show up I would pissed.

anyword on the mid’s on these. 25 cents per disc for verbatim is not bad at all.

Probably MMC 003. Looks real cheap with the rebate. And free shipping! I hope someone can confirm the media code soon.

I agree, I would like to see the DVD-R and +R MID info. EDIT Yeah, I know what you mean about the rebate. I’ve been burned by a few of those and so I am warry of them. I can get a 100 pack of 8x DVD-R/+R Taiyo Yudens for about $53 after shipping from, so if that rebate didn’t come through then it would be a complete rip-off.

Checkout the review at the Amazon website. This person said the Verbatim was the CMC media.

I have only sent in 1 Verbatim rebate and it went smoothly. Got the check about 1.5 months after I sent it in.

The DVD-R is $30 after rebate, not $25

Sometimes people just post things and they haven’t actually bought the product. I haven’t heard of anyone else claiming Verbatim 8x DVD+R turned out to be CMC discs, so I have my doubts about that reviewer.

Well, there are the CMC produced MCC discs. Certainly better than the CMC Mag discs themselves, but I would still prefer the Singapour produced MCCs myself. EDIT Either way, it could be a gamble. Some might end up with CMC and some with MCC, who knows.

I don’t think any retail Verbatim media sold in the US is made in Singapore anymore. I’ve heard of stuff in Europe and Japan still being MIS. I think the only chance in the US are the bulk unbranded spindles sold online (shiny silver, inkjet printable, etc).