From Bryn Mawr to an environmental warship



As a followup to this thread I made a couple minutes ago:

It’s not that uncommon. Young adolescent goes vegetarian. Family goes nuts trying to accommodate culinary quirkiness or leans heavily on the kid to start acting normal again.

Just because someone 13 or 14 is making the decision doesn’t mean it isn’t heartfelt. “Starting to be aware of what was going on,” Chad Halstead told his parents in Bryn Mawr 12 or 13 years ago that he was becoming a vegetarian.

At 15, he went vegan. Today, at 25, he’s a deckhand on a 200-foot environmental battleship, patrolling the coast of Algeria trying to stop the illegal fishing of bluefin tuna.

“Unless something is done soon,” he says via satellite phone, “it will be the next major extinct species.”