From ALDI Tevion DVD Recorder to AVI?

I’ve just purchased the inexpensive Tevion TEV530S DVD Recorder from ALDI for converting analog video’s to DVD…
It bypasses all the need for a high quality AD converter that keeps audio & video in sync and a secondary firewire hdd to capture all frames without a miss!
So far the conversion from video or DVD to DVD is excellent with no difference from the original, and it does not even have macrovision copy protoection, regardless of what it sais in the manual so you dont need to spend extra on peripherals to overcome macro!!!
The only downside is that it works a little slugish, though Im not sure if this common with all DVD recorders?

I thought I might add that just in case others here are looking at converting from analog land.

Sorry, now, to my question.

After the recording process is finshed and finalized from the Tevion recorder, I ripp with DVD shrink to the HDD.
From here I try to convert to AVI for editing in Sony Vegas then reauthour with DVD Architect.

What is the best way to do this?

With DVD2AVI, I load the files that have been bounced from DVDShrink, then SAVE AVI. But there seems to be some problem, its not spitting out readable AVI’s either from WMP or Vegas?

Am I going the wrong way about doing this?

What would be the most simplest efficient way to transfer from DVD recorder for editing in Vegas Video?

OK, I got it…, Vegas loads DVD Decrypter files. Sweet

I am considering buying a Tevion TEV530S DVD Recorder, does it record from TV to a dvd disk?

yes. you can record from any suorce! you can even transfer your audio tapes to digital files, but it does have macrovision copy protection!!!
on my original post i had mentioned it didnt but it does!
i was just surprised how so many videos are not copy protected.
i also find that when recording from video or tv the dvd recorder enhances the picture and makes it more clean.

UPDATE!!! My DVD Recorder has died on me after 6 months of use. :slight_smile:

I got my money back, now Im buying a Telefunken.

can u please explain how the dvd recorder died out on u because i was planning to buy it from aldi for vhs to dvd recording

sometimes when i insert the dvdr+ disc to play what was previously recorded on the ALDI recorder it would freeze. and this would happen often!!!

in the manual it sais that if this occurs, to switch off from the main power outlet and turn it on again.
after you do this it goes through a self recovery process but this time it did not recognize the disc.

“NO DISC IN RECORDER”! i have insterted my original DVD’s and still “NO DISC IN RECORDER”!

i can not reccomend this recorder as i have not had a good experience with it.

for starters in playback i can see faint lines across the screen, very faint but still apparent in some sceens but it does not effect the recording quality.

the recorder works very sluggish. it takes like 15 seconds to turn on or eject the disc. other things too but cant remember now.

i have done a search for DVD recorders in Australia on ebay and came across a seller who was selling the same model in non working that have been returned by the customer.

i cant stress out enough, DONT BUY IT!

save a little more and get a better brand.

so what brand do u advise? and do u know any good models

LITE-ON 5005! do a google, all the raves about… they sell quality at affordable prices considering that other big brands like Sony buy and rebadge their products.
and you can also get a Macrovision firmware hack!

im paying an extra $35 on top of the refund i got from the Tevion for something that would normally cost double! :slight_smile:

hay i just picked the LITE-ON 5005 and im not sure if i can reccomend it anymore!

when plying back originals its OK but when playing back, “backups” its very noisy!!!

please if anyone has a solution help me out!

currently, use DVDShrink to rip ISO then burn in Nero OEM.