From 12 to 24 ... It's Possible!


Upgraded my firmware from my LTR-48126S to a LTR-48246S

24x Mt Rainier! (Pitty i dont have any 24x CD-RW’s! lol)

Here’s the Nero CD-Speed Result’s…

The Before:

(Please Note, this is the LTR-48126S Results, i saved them to the dat file, but i didnt take a screenshot at the time, so i loaded the dat file with the results and then took the pic.)

The After:

So … as you see … it is possibe … the advantage … well not much, apart from 24x Mt Rainier…



P.S. Thank’s to Dyzan … without his Firmware, this wouldnt have been possible … :slight_smile:

Not much?!?! Just wait until 24X CD-RW disks come out!

Yeah… but now days i just buy BULK CD-R’s… like … $0.30c/CD AUD ($0.15c/CD USD) i mean … that’s cheap … why pay like $2.50 AUD for 1 CD-RW when you could buy 8 CD-R’s for the same price lol!