Frisby FS-5015

Hi folks – Recently I bought this Frisby FS-501 surround sound system, and while I know it’s essentially a glorified computer surround it works fairly well in a small telly-room like I have (12’ x 12’). to this day I can find no reviews on the web; I even wrote off to Cnet in the hopes that someone would.

Here’s my problem: Although it’s a fairly decent system for my needs, I’m not getting any real surround. I have an LG LDA-730 standalone that supplies only a virtual surround signal. It has optical and coax out, but I can only utilize RCA outs, (L/R) as you will see later down in this post. Also, I have sat receiver that has optical and coax out and supports Dolby Digital, but again, I can only utilize RCA outs and there are only two for audio (L/R).

The Reason: Below is an image of the back of my surround system sub, it only has RCA inputs.

Is there any way I can use the optical or coax to rca through an adapter, or anything like this? Or am I looking at buying a Dolby Digital receiver/amp in order to get all my surround channels.

The Frisby FS-501 claims to be DD and DTS compatible, but again, there’s no reviews that I can find and Comsis Computers (who sells the unit) seem to blow the horn on this system a little hard (no pun intended). For instance, the claim that this is a 3000w system, while the speakers are rated 100rms.

Anyhoo, thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this blithering mess. Any help appreciated.


PS. Oop! Forgot this for anyone who wants to take a look:
Notice how you can find the sys under both 5.1 Computer Speakers and Home Theatre System headings.

Hey mods. You can close this off anytime. I found the answers to my questions.

Cheers and thanks.