Friendly reminder: Apple's new 'electronic assistant' Siri can't do everything



Friendly reminder: Apple’s new ‘electronic assistant’ Siri can’t do everything.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It's easy to get over-excited about the iPhone 4S' novel voice recognition software, Siri. After all, if any company can show off a new product based around old tech and still garner massive fanfare, it's Apple. The company demonstrated the new "electronic assistant" last week to hoots and hollers; talking with computers has been a geek pipe dream for years, if not decades. But no matter how you may ask, there are some things Siri just can't do - as evinced by a hilarious new Xtranormal video making the rounds today.

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Funny and all but I don’t find anything “old tech” about the new iphone. Its not based on old tech. The only “old” part about it is the physical casing. It’s a whole new animal inside where it counts. And siri is nothing novel it’s damn freakin amazing technology.


The “old tech” comment was aimed at Siri. Voice recognition software isn’t exactly new. That said, the official demo was pretty impressive.