Friend started the process, not sure where to start

Hey Folks,

My buddy started to copy some of my dvd’s for me for backing up, my kids scratch the hell out them…so he was so sure that he could just do it in like five minutes, turned out it took longer and all he did was transfer the data to the dvd, ( using microsfts explorer burner) hence it will not play in tv’s other non -computer dvd machines. I have seen the other programs in the forum area, but which should i use to beable to convert them to DivX for files space and ease of computer use:a (adults) but still have the watchable dvd’s for car rides :sad:(Kids). I am sure that my questions regarding just the Video Ts, files and etc. are answered in another forums i just wanted someone with knowledge to reccomend the easiest to use, highest quality and fatest program there is or at least the best comparitively. All your input would be awsome, as i am fairly new and doing my best to go through all the information out there in figuring it all out, plus I know your experiences far outweigh some technical writing disaster. Ciao…Thanks :clap:

Since no-one else has responded, I will ask. Firstly, you ask about Divx conversion. For a simple way to do that, see here:
There are several programs that will do what you want. Some are free others are pay-ware. There are guides at that site also.
Next you asked about making DVD’s for car rides. More that likely, your DVD player in the car will not play Divx but DVD’s. Is this correct? Depending on your answer, the process is relatively easy. See this list:
Then check the guides for the program you choose. DVD Shrink in movie only is good for what you want.