Friend Asked Me To Copy DVD

Friend just gave me this disc to copy
Failed, wonder why :Z

God knows who made this copy! looks like theres 2 spots at about 80%-85% of the disc where the laser hasnt burned into the disc.

plus it had a label never use labels on DVD’s!!! looks like im going to have to rip the label off and get the toothpaste out!


Woooohoooo! This looks horrible…

definately not the best burn i’ve seen, lol

it has acutally just one POF error, so toothpaste may do it.

looks like its his aunts or cousins or something so he’s just took it back but i managed to recover this one for him last week

I stopped it at about 75% because it was just stuck scanning and not moving on for about 15 mins


Managed to create an iso from it without any problems, also you cant see on the first scan because i ejected the disc but the serious errors POF? were just sky rocketing constantly