Fried Toshiba Ext HD



Jolly Festive season to all you CD Freaks!!!:clap:
My jollifications suddenly came to an end when I put my laptop power cable into the input on my TOSHIBA External hard drive - 320GB model PX12234U-3G32 :doh: (similar is for sale at the following site: )
So now when I put the correct cable in, all I get is the power light alternate red/blue.
I have searched on the net for similar problems of which there are a few, all remedies point to replacing the pcb on the duff Toshiba!
I am confident to do it as I’ve built a few PC’s. I need the correct type of PCB, any ideas and where I’d get one from in UK?
Finally I :bow: to your wealth of knowledge and can someone kindly give me a rundown of procedure to replace the pcb… or should I try and connect to pc directly?
Thanks Guys hey here’s a :flower: to all who read this :wink: CHEERS


Hello again
In this past hour I threw caution to the wind and opened the case, the HDD is: Western Digital WD3200AAJS -00VW40 serial ATA
the pcb is: RU S84VO E170968 WZ-7 BD X 936 0E0 S/N 0006A68C

Again what would you suggest I do? Replace the PCB?
Thank you for taking the time to read these messages :flower::flower: roses to you all!!!


Hi and Welcome!

it is not impossible that you have “only” killed the enclosure’s PCB.
Is there any way to try the naked HDD internally in a desktop computer?
If that test is successful, you only need an empty enclosure for Sata HDDs, which are rather inexpensive today.