Fried my mitsumi cr-48xete, need some help with mtkflash

greets everyone!

i managed to kill my mitsumi cr-48exte with a firmware flash that went wrong :confused:
i have read a little in this forum and tried to bring it back to life with mtkflash v180, using the windows drivers i dl’ed from mitsumis homepage, but no luck (probably cause of the windows drivers)…
what i did was unplug the cdrw, use a xp-bootdisk to get to dos, plug back the drive and use mtkfalsh…
then i tried the dos drivers from mitsumi (they were integrated in some .bat file using mtkflash) but no luck there… :rolleyes:
its still not detected by the bios and hangs up the boot procces if i dont disable it (either by unplugging or disabling the IDE channel - which is secondary master)

can anyone help me? :bow:

anyone? :sad: