Friday the 13th :eek:

So today was the supposed cursed day or whatever…i always scoffed at the silly notion involved, but today i got my dues. First i slept thru my alarm and was late for work. Once i finally got out there and working, my first stop i got stuck in the mud terribly…so after i finally got pulled out i had to do some work outside and right when i got as far from my pickup as possible, a downpour started, and ended abruptly when i got to my truck. Not exactly the kind of morning we all look forward to, but on top of it all, i had a pounding headache all day because i didn’t get to have any caffeine in the morning since i had to rush out the door :frowning:
Now i’m just hiding in a corner waiting for the 13th to be over…

was over 15 hours ago :stuck_out_tongue:

nah…there’s actually 2 hours left :stuck_out_tongue:

Jees didnt even know it was the 13 yesterday …
Triskaidekaphobia. Fear of number 13 :slight_smile:

13 is my lucky number!

Its saturday the 14th,how did things go??

I agree with Jeff Beck “I ain’t superstitious”.