Friday the 13th do you bielive?



today is friday the 13th. Besides the obvious comedy
about Jason hunting down teenagers. Do you
think there's anything to the bad luck?


Had a complete computer meltdown today, and its taken hours to diagnose and solve the cascading problems.



I believe,but I believe it’s good luck for some people and maybe bad for others ,it’s a mind set my dad was born on the 13th and he was the 13th child and he always through it must be his lucky day ,because his luck couldn’t be any worse than a normal day.I feel the same but I’m lucky i’ve always had a job ,haven’t been shot at,I’m retired and had two beautiful daughters.

And still walkin’ and talkin’


Technically the bad storms came through at 3 am this morning so it wasn’t really on the 13th . . . . but it wasn’t a great weather day here.

Today isn’t supposed to be any better. :slight_smile:


It is bad on Friday the 13th…But it gets worse on Saturday the 14th


Nah doesn’t even worry me in the slightest.

It isn’t even relevant to modern dating systems as we lost ten days when we changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.

The only thing I do worry about though is the fear of contracting triskaidekaphobia. :bigsmile:



LOL @ Wombler :bigsmile:

I had protection in the form of Baz. Black cats are seen as lucky over here. :slight_smile:


It’s just a templar curse. Nothing to be worried about.


Friday the 13 was great for me I was able to pay of my home loan and Bank of America and now I can tell them to go to hell and move my accounts.


I believe, but not into that hokus pokus…tohuwabohu…


Yeah? It’s coming next Friday. Jason lives! Lol:grinning:


Yeah! It’s coming next Friday. Jason lives Lol:grinning:


An interesting article I ran across - A lucky day for those that avoided a traffic accident, fire or robbery had it been another day…


The unlucky day is hoax from a purely scientific stand point of view.

#15 You may have a point
but the number 13 has been used in black magic rituals for a long time.



It seems that way.:grinning: