Friday night vent

Well, not so much a vent as an expression of disappointment.

Six weeks or so ago, I reached out and befriended someone who came to me asking advice about anxiety. I thought she was a good person, and welcomed her into my life accordingly. But in the past two weeks she’s shown her true colours. She picked at everything I said to her, and it became clear that she is only interested in having someone to put down, to make herself feel better. So I cut her loose. Now I have my second head case stalker in six months. A flood of private messages through another forum. Email stacked up in my junk mail folder. Love Entourage’s junk mail handling, by the way. A flood of abusive and insulting SMS. Attempts at prank phone calls. Thank heavens she only has one cell phone number, not my home or work numbers, so I can switch off to that as well.

Not entirely faithful in humanity right now. This is what I got for caring. All I can say is, I am so glad I didn’t get romantically involved. I’d probably have rabbits’ heads on pickets outside my bedroom window by now if I had.


That sux rehab.Trusting anyone online is rather difficult or a crap shoot at best.
Now that your a bit wiser…be more cautious next time…it’ll save on stress :slight_smile:

Sucks eh? Been there… know how it feels. My advice: take it easy, don’t let her know you feel bad about what she’s doing now, as that’ll only make it more fun for her. Act like you don’t care, just let it be, it’ll go away in relatively short time.

Some ppl are just plain stupid!

Alternatively, get a block on her number and block all her messeges on the internet.

I’m sorry that you’ve come in contact with the worst person from the net…there are those out there believe me …and a few on this site even…however; there are those who are genuine, caring, trusting people.I know your hurting …reaching out to help someone and then realizing what they have in turn done to you is painful…but one thing is sure…Its NOT your fault…they are the one with the issues…don’t let this turn you against people…you have too much to offer…so you found a stupid bitch…move on…there is someone out there who can benefit from your knowledge …and they are waiting to hear from you and get help from you…and when all is said and done…it should give you a great feeling that you were there and tried to help…they are the one who has to live with what they have done…so pick yourself up…dust yourself off…and put a smile back on that face…


Someone sent me an E-Mail just today about the dating scene & all the hassles that go with it. It may not pertain to your situation exactly. But, there was 1 line I always tried to heed. “Keep smiling even when you hurt, because it’s always the smile that people will inevitably fall in love with, not the frown.” Keep the Faith Baby!! :bigsmile:

Good plan, Digidave.

Yah, I haven’t actually responded to her. It wasn’t a dating thing :stuck_out_tongue: I did meet her in real life too.

Just glad I didn’t jump into anything.

Oh; The joy of giving love and friendship to another. (sarcasm)