Fresh from Japan, Pioneer DVR-A08-J (16x ±R, 4x +DL) end of July

The latest Pioneer DVD writer gives you speed (16x ±R, 4x +DL) & quiet (honeycomb design)!

Late July sale, ~US$180. :cool:


In addition, also 16 time fast entry to DVD±R is possible. Entry speed is increased at 4 stages, from the inside perimeter facing toward outer circle “6-8-12-16 time fast Zone CLV system” is adopted.

Unlike BenQ DW1600’s P-CAV, Pioneer is using Z-CLV. :slight_smile:

It can write in DVD±R to 8 time fast corresponding media with 16 time speed

Thanks for the news! I’ve posted it on the front page here.

4x DL, very nice! Too bad it probably won’t support bitsetting… And what’s up with Z-CLV for 16x speed?! I mean it can’t write at 16x for many seconds if that’s correct, CAV would have been much better.

Edit: BTW here is the link to the English press release.

One advantage I can see with the latest Pioneer drive is the large number of writing speeds it supports, with both DVD-R and DVD+R. Let’s hope that Pioneer will continue to support their products like they have with the DVR-107/A07!


You’re welcomed, jsl. Really no idea how many seconds can the writer hold out at 16x, have to wait for a preview, hehe.

Hm, maybe it supports burning DVD-ROM book type for DVD+R DL after all (or at least the rebadged Japanese Buffalo drive) or what do you think they mean with this:

The entry function which raises playback compatibility is loaded in the entry of DVD+R DL, you say that playback compatibility of the home appliance DVD player et. al. is raised.

Cool almost what I have been waiting for, where is the -RDL burner that they have been working on??? :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

that drive looks sexy!

I wonder what the DVR-108 would look like though… maybe I’ll get this drive and give my one to my bro… I hope he doesn’t mind cream coloured drive in his black case LOL

The new drive looks great, especially in silver. This seems to represent a change in strategy for Pioneer. Previously, they never supported writing media at faster speeds than certified for. Now they’re taking a page out of Plextor’s manual, and allowing 16x writing on both 8x + and - media. How this will work is mere speculation, but if it does they will have a dominant product for many months to come. And the 4x DL support is the icing on the cake. Way to go Pioneer.

I updated the news post with a link to Pioneer Europe’s press release. According to this we will have to wait until September for the drive to appear and it looks like there will be no silver version here.

I guess the have been working on this for so long and still couldnt ge -drl…ah well, atleat it confirms there wont be +rdl on 107 since the desing internally of the drive is so different


design is as cool as from the a07-xla.

what about the hardware differences to A07 XLA drives?
still no DL for A07? :smiley:

yeah its different from that so there will be no dl for any of the 7 series

Nice work pioneer. Great drive! :bow:

But I need SATA to make it perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

And DVD-R DL and >8x DVD-RAM support. :stuck_out_tongue:

You never know what a firmware upgrade will do. :wink:

LOL. Z-CLV… right… looks like that at their “16x”, the Pioneer’s Z-CLV will cause it to be about a minute slower than 12x P-CAV, which is what the Plextor uses, and what LiteOn and possibly NEC will be using. And people thought that calling a 16x CAV device 16x was deceptive marketing… haha! Anyway, here’s an interesting thread over at CDRLabs about this…