Frequently Asked Questions

I just posted the article Frequently Asked Questions….

Here are some answers to questions we get a lot lately…

Q: What happened to the forum, and when will it be back !?
A: Our forum has about 6500 members and about 10.000 people visit it…

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New layout? What’s wrong with this one? Looks pretty darn good to me. CDfreaks Rulez

Ik surely hope the forum will be back soon since my job’s getting more and more boring each day! Life without cd freaks forum sux (well I got a girl that’ll keep me occupied )…

what is wrong with the current page design - its one of the best ive seen!

Yeah, I agree. DON’T CHANGE THE LAYOUT !!!
This one is awesome.

But they could offcourse enhance it a bit.
But i think they should keep the current colors&build up.

Does somebody know where I can download COMPLETE isos or image files (for clone cd) without the f*cking votes and popups.
Please tell me!!

The forum rules so much, that when it’s online I stay awake 24 hours a day to just watch it
I’m a die hard CDFreaks addict !!!

don’t make new ones
you’ll get kicked off anyway
this one is ugly enough for
me,and it’s a pitty for all the work.

hhmm…why change the layout ??
Anyone know where to find the lists until the hexagon is up and going again ???