Frequency generating software?

Does anyone know of frequency generating software that will do frequencies from about 20hz to 20,000hz? I’ve found one on cnet’s, but I was looking for one that would output the sinusoidal wave pattern of the frequency that is being produced. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.

Try cool edit, at
if that doesnt do it, I dont know of any better.

NCH Tone Generator can create sine wave frequencies from 1Hz to 22kHz and save the output to a WAV file. If you are looking for a visual output, there are a number of music editing and playback programs that will give a graphic example of a wave file.

Why the heck do you want to do that? Honestly I don’t know anything about bandwidth and radio signals… I don’t know if you want to open every automatic garage door for 10 square miles or you want to set off every car alarm parked at Six Flags by doing this.

Although, what would be nice is a device that would blast an ear piercing squeal at every cell phone within a 200M distance.
Can anyone help me with this? Oh, shoot. That’s illegal. FCC! You ruin ALL THE FUN.