French testing laboratory Archival certification for FalconMedia Century DVD/CD

It seems that Falcon has decided to take their challenge to other manufacturers of archival optical media to a new level. They submitted their FalconMedia Century Gold DVD-R and CD-R as well as their newer Platinum DVD-R to the well-respected LNE(Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais) to verify their 100/300 year archival claims for their Century DVD-R/CD-R. Details can be found here.

Its refreshing when a media manufacturer goes beyond their own testing claims for verification with an independent testing body.

And yes, they passed LNE’s requirements for certified archival optical media with all three of their Century products.

Congrats to FTI for continuing to take the high road and provide high end optical media while we continue to watch many manufacturers outsource and compromise and offer us less and less for our dollar.

WOW, thats nice, we should have more of this. As I am looking for archival grade CDs DVDs and BluRays as backup of my most important data.

Great news. I’m trying to find out how more local gov’ts can accomplish this because their achives, too, are at risk.

I didn’t mean that gov’ts need to take over or be responsible for ‘ratings’ BUT I know they spend fortunes on media supplies and the idea that they’re wasting money on substandard products because they too buy into the marketing hype is distressing. They’ll have valuable archives turned to mush - and many citizens can be impacted.

But this Falcon News is what should be circulated - to throw the gauntlet down for other manufacturers, and to help consumers make better choices.

I agree wholeheartedly. This can be extended to things like medical records. Archives can and do turn to a pile of garbage as a result of archivers’ media choice decisions. All too often buying what their supplier is selling as “archival” media. We all know that what a reseller chooses to sell often has more to do with profit margins than quality :a

Those LNE archival tests of BD-Rs in another thread were a real eye-opener and slap in the face to manufacturers’ “50 year” claims for LTH BD-R.

Hopefully this is similarly a wake-up call to folks looking for media with something more than a manufacturer’s claim of “ARCHIVAL”.

It would be nice to think that other manufacturers might have the guts to do what Falcon has done here, but then again, perhaps they already have.

And wisely chose not to advertise that their “Archival” media failed the test ;).