French street jumpers

saw this link on another forum:

pretty sick stuff :eek:

I go to work like that every day :wink:

Looks fun… shame im too fat :slight_smile:

Official site for the film

I rented the movie yesterday. It’s a fair and good movie considering the theme is already been done twice by the same script writer (Luc Besson. I love his movies!).
Defenitely worth to watch.

There isnt a french film without Besson. Just as all germans wear lederhosen, all movies produced in France includes Luc Besson.

…except for Amelie, La Haine (Hate), La Cité des Enfants Perdus (The City of Lost Children), Delicatessen and a ton of other exceptional French films :rolleyes:

i’m a fan of Besson but i hope that comment isn’t meant to be serious…

just as all french eat cheese for breakfast.

yeah, i guess the lederhosen comment should have tipped me off…DUR…

That was F***ing AWESOME!!! That being said…that guy must know his neighborhood exceptionally well! :rolleyes:

Oui, oui, oui! Je aimer fromage!

mais on dirons “J’aime la fromage!” en France :stuck_out_tongue: :flower:

Aww, man! You called me on it! :cop: And there I spent a whole 3 minutes looking up words in an English to French dictionary! Damn romantic languages and your weird tenses!!! :doh: I took German…a nice, rigid language with easy rules. :wink:

hehe, i probably set myself up to be corrected as well :o …French verb conjugation is ridiculous…i know having done thousands of verb “blanks” in high school…

Hehe okay then Jenuet & Carro too :smiley:
Also there are no french films without Jean Reno or “the nose” or a combination of both :bigsmile:

PS. I have Delicatessen on DVD, it is a prime film to frighten my mainstream-friends with :wink:

Whose chasing you? RIAA?

this film is not French but Belgian: Man Bites Dog

i’ve owned the VHS for around 9 years - hilarious “kick ass” black comedy…worth a watch if you like non-mainstream films :wink: especially if you want to “frighten” your mainstream friends…

Other good (but not french) movies to scare your friends with is Battle Royale (make sure to not tell them what its about beforehand), Ong-Bak (same with that), Ichi the killer (teheee muahaha) and various other great slightly strange asian movies.

And btw, french cinema is great, as sure as german lederhosen! :slight_smile:

i have Battle Royale, Ong Bak and Ichi the Killer sitting right here…planning on watching all three sometime this week :bigsmile: