French sign government charter against illegal MP3 downloads

I just posted the article French sign government charter against illegal MP3 downloads.

b314x used our news submit to tell us "I hope this doesn"t happen in the UK. But why would ISPs want to do this, all they are doing is losing customers not only if they are kicked off…

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This is simply incredible.

Why do you think it’s incredible? In Australia, most ISP’s have conditions in the subscription contract that allow them to disconnect your service if you use it engage in illegal activity. There are many reports of people getting their accounts suspended or terminated for continuous breaches of their contract by downloading/sharing copyrighted material. Luckily, that’s about as bad as it gets…for now.
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Off topic One thing I have always wondered about is why usenet is not being targeted. Every ISP I ever had, featured newsgroups. If you want something it’s there. But, recently my ISP stopped offering this feature (kind of). Now, they offer a subscription to Giganews that is free for the first gigabyte each month. Then, if you want more, you have to dig out the old wallet. I wonder if they are afraid that these type sharing vehicles will be coming under scrutiny soon? I also wonder if it sheds them from the obligation to identify uploaders.

This is the problem with the internet not being a public place. People are under the impression that the internet is ‘public’ do a traceroute and count every router that is not owned by a company. If you were an ISP would you allow people to do whatever they want? I don’t think I would and I’m a crazy pirate. We need a peer to peer wireless mesh network were people can connect to other people without a company between.
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not sure if this will stop anything, if i lived in france i would simply move ISPs.

I think it’s time for MUTE probably…

I foresee a golden future for wireless lan!

“I foresee a golden future for wireless lan!” Even wireless LAN has to go through routers connected to physical networks belonging to ISPs if you want connection to the Internet.

See you at Starbucks!! Bring a laptop.:d

If you had powerful enough wireless cards and a lot of people running software that bounce your signal around the world from one comp to the next, you may not need the Internet after a while. Neverthless, I suspect software that allows you to setup smal encrypted P2P networks with your friends over the Internet will become popular at this rate.
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