French senate drops DRM interoperability requirement



I just posted the article French senate drops DRM interoperability requirement.

 When the  French parliament passed a copyright bill back in March to force music stores to  make their DRM formats interoperable with other company's DRM systems, Apple got  angry towards this...
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So, the French continue their longstanding history of surrender…:S


I’m very surprised that one company can just “talk” to reverse a passed bill. Considering how hard it is for a bill to get passed, just talking for a little while to senates to change everyone elses’ decision is too easy and shocking to me.


Thats the funniest thing Ive heard! Bravo!


Money talks


you hit the nail on the head there MadBob


Ohhhhhhhhh YEAH! :S:S:S It’s sad but true…:r


It would appear that the French still have yet to stand up for themselves or win anything! That is exactly why the streets in Paris are wide and are lined by trees! Because the Germans preferred to march in the shade!!!


yeaah… now i can happily DIE… the world is sucking a day after another!!! and we’re even sucking more!!! F**K MONEY!!!


looks like the riaa bought them, why dosent anyone have any morals, money isnt everything!


I guess it works this way, bring out a law they don’t like and rake in the money as they pay you to stop it or change it.


Instead of rifles, the French army issues white flags. :r


And hear I thought only my own US goverment was corupt. Guess I was wrong :S


Interesting, when it comes to Microsoft, the entire EU tries to screw them with antitrust suits because they lock people within their system. What’s the difference here? Apple control the online music market and they lock people with the iPod devices. With PC machines you can choose to install Linux or other OS, but with Apple DRM scheme you can’t use anything but their devices. The EU has a grudge against Microsoft, but everybody just love Apple. Apple managed to keep their “cute” image eventhough they are business bullies like Microsoft, IBM, HP and others. Good for them (bad for us).


All of you implying that the French surrender seem to have forgotten Napoleon. The French, like the Germans nearly conquered all Europe. I believe it was Napoleon who stated that ’ the logical conclusion of a defensive campaign is defeat’. Now get over 1940. The French were totally defeated then and had no choice but to surrender. It would have been the same for England if it were not for the English Channel. Even the queen of England favored signing a peace treaty in 1940. Meanwhile, the English ran like cowards at Dunkirk and were saved only because of Hitler’s generosity and desire for a peaceful settlement. Likewise, Mongomery was only able to defeat Rommel when he had like a 10 to 1 numerical advantage. And as for the Churchill so many admire, he doesn’t even remotely compare to Napoleon. He only ‘won’ the war after getting the USSR and the USA involved. Anyone can win a war with a ten to one advantage. By the way, I am not French but I am tired of these ludicrous accusations of cowardice being trown at the French. Remember Napoleon.