French President Proposes Internet Tax

After reading this story I was undecided if laughing or crying :eek:

Why people using internet should pay to sustain television, even if they never watch television? :confused:

And, more important, why force people to finance the state-owned television??? Is it a new way to control the “official” information? It sounds like the beginning of a new dictatorship :Z:Z:Z:Z:Z

In Denmark the TV license used to finance public TV and Radio has been changed to a Media license, so that you have to pay even if you only have a computer and no TV or radio.

Technically this is not a tax but a mandatory license paid separately, so there might be a few hermits somewhere in the woods not paying a media license.

So it seems to me that France is not the first nation to tax the Internet.

In my opinion this is not right :frowning:

It is the same as paying a quota to RIAA every time you buy a CD or a DVD :Z