French pirates circumventing new copyright law



I just posted the article French pirates circumventing new copyright law.

The French government may have passed an anti-piracy law, but illegal file sharing has reportedly increased 3% since late 2009.

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these laws will only push people into encrypting all the internet traffic which could have negative side effects.

If every country had laws like france, they’re would be a big incentive to make encryption mandatory in all p2p (torrent) and usenet programs.


yep, P2P encryption is definitely coming in the future.


Non! Je Ne Regrette Rien!!


I agree, there is no way the ISP’s in the US are going to monitor their customer’s actions on the Internet, it would be a CLEAR VIOLATION of the US citizens rights outlined in the Constitution of the United States. Privacy is one of the only rights we have left, and if they start monitoring my activity, then I am sure I will be joining millions of other Americans in a court battle over the issue.


Virgin in the UK are threatening to start sniffing inside their customers internet traffic looking for copyright downloads. So if you download anything p2p or newsgroup make sure your traffic is encrypted to keep the nosy bastards out.


What is the best P2P torrent software that encrypts the stream? I am currently using utorrent, and I am not sure if it encrypts the data stream or not.