French pirates arrested for running file-sharing site



French pirates arrested for running file-sharing site.

[newsimage][/newsimage]While the U.S. government debates the new "PROTECT IP" bill aimed at ending piracy with controversial means, other governments are tackling the complex problem the old-school way: by arresting those who operate such illicit endeavors. A report out of France on Monday announced the arrest of three Frenchmen responsible for their alleged leadership of the music and movie file-sharing site, Liberty Land.

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I say if they are going to make criminals out of the internet users for file sharing then stop paying anyone for the internet. Quite completely and do not buy any new movies or music period.


I should have added as well when I buy something I buy all the rights to go with it. I’m am not leasing or renting. I own my car and I own the records I have purchased years ago. If I want to share I will why because I bought it and it belongs to me now.