French magazine fined $11,000 for illegal downloading tips



We’ve just posted the following news: French magazine fined $11,000 for illegal downloading tips[newsimage][/newsimage]

The French magazine Téléchargement has received a fine of €10,000 ($11,150) for publishing an article describing several tools and websites where users could download illegal content.

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So what are the websites, if you posted them here would the SCPP fine LOL


I think for the most part most users already figure how to pirate or get files without a magazine doing the printing for others to knows. And now that it is published it will be hot paper for others to get. By posting such news just furthers the pirating. They are so smart but dumb to put such news out just makes more pirate to pirate…


I’m glad to see that the French government values money more than free speech AND free press combined. I guess money and greed are worth chilling both at the same time.

@Alan1476:I don’t think can be sued under French laws, since MyCE is not hosted in France (or so I would assume).


The ironic thing is it’s probably worth eleven grand to them for the publicity. :rolleyes:



They probably published what is known already and more advanced pirates probably have gone past it.


Wonder if there’s a digital copy of the mag on torrent somewhere :a