French layoffs may result in pressure on illegal downloading

I just posted the article French layoffs may result in pressure on illegal downloading.

 GristyMcFisty used our    news submit  to tell us  300 French record company workers hit the streets in protest of  some upcoming layoffs in the music industry there. It seems BMG, Sony, EMI, ...
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Why don’t the CEO’s and exec’s slash their salaries? And besides the market is shifting in music. So, as sad as it might be (I’ve been jobless many times before) the end result will be positive. These people probably have plenty of skills that can be translated over into other industries. Instead of the French government spending millions or even more to stop this shifting trend (which is unavoidable and a waste), they should spend it on getting these people new jobs. That’s how you get the best possible outcome for everyone.

SupremeCheddar, your post makes too much sense. For that reason, no governments or corporations will understand it.

Damnit I created another paradox. Oh Great Back to the Future Trilogy tell me what to do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell you what to do? Hmmm… 1) Place head between legs. 2) Stretch your arms out in front of you as straight as you can. 3) Now lean forward until you topple over and your arms are supporting you and your body forms a pyramid shape. 4) Now wait for a politician to nob you up the a*se like they do to every human being on the face of the earth… Politician - verb, to screw the population of the country they serve…

Some people are so low they have to reach up to touch the bottom…sack the worker to reinforce your stance on piracy…will it make me buy more cd’s…nyet…:X

That’s about the size of it sherrif. Every industry has it’s “challenges”. If you were to set in a board room in any other retail business and whine like these Music Executives, instead of increasing sales, you would have sparks flying from your *ss as you were thrown into the street by your bonus loving superiors.

LOL! I think you shpould listen to some french music and make up your mind about why they’re having to sack people!!

mebbe you should try listening to some edith piaf and if she isn’t the french version of billy holliday then beat me senseless with a shoestring dipped in strawberry jam…but I guess I’m firing right over your head here, aren’t I…and no I’m not that old, just like music…:X