French government wants regulation & taxation of the Internet

French government wants regulation & taxation of the Internet.

[newsimage][/newsimage]French President Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken out in favor of increased regulation of the internet, suggesting that more rules are vital for morality and to help cure the “imbalances and injustices” of humanity today.

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Why don’t I believe him? The best government is one that doesn’t want to be my nanny and dig through my wallet like a rooting hog.

Sarkozy is a goon.

…he has a point…googleopoply and yahooopoply are american international corporations that have no interest no soul but making money in all the countries they operate in…ie the net…they have no obligation, loyalty, interest in anything apart from making money from foreign countries and people over the net…the moral imperative is that they ought to make some return to using foreign resources…
…call it anything you want…a resource tax whatver…but give some back…just dont take, take,…
…its so obvious…

Governments get enough money. They don’t need anymore. They need to learn to get by on far less.

Regulating internet to correct the excesses and abuses that arise from the total absence of rules is a moral imperative,” he declared to the Holy See.

Gaining regulatory and financial control over the web seems to be high priority for Sarkozy.
I’d like financial control over the web as well.

Earlier this year, the French government proposed a so-called “Google tax” which Sarkozy enthusiastically supported. The measure would require internet giants like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo to declare their advertising revenues to allow the country to collect a share.
I can agree with that. If your company operates in a certain country, it should pay some taxes to that country. But im sure they do, otherwise they would not be even in that country

The tax would generate an estimated $14.3 million USD per year, which the government says would go towards the country’s artists.
I have yet to see the first financial report that actually declares it has been giving money to an artist.

“These companies are taxed in the country where they are headquartered, although they tap a significant part of our advertising market,”
I can agree with that reasoning.

The Internet grew more quickly than anyone had imagined it could, and it was only a matter of time before governments tried to take control and use it for financial gain.
Can’t blame them for trying. Can’t blame us then for trying to circumvent it. :slight_smile:

The arrogance of politicians to assume they have the right to control people in any manner they desire boils my blood. Sarkozy sees a pot of cash in controlling the Internet and he just can’t stop himself from going after it. Whether he is justified or not. I am coming to see politicians as a plague on the human population.

Big government is not the solution-it is the problem!

WHEN a politicon stops me from speech… coughing …breathing or scatching my ass what type of world is it going to be…i thought that i had a say by voting or is it a big mirage ??? muzzu.

My major gripe with politicians is that by getting elected they think they have the inherent right to take away your freedom of choice and/or take your hard earned income whenever they want. What arrogance these a$$hats have to assume such a thing.

This guy is a joke. I wonder if Google and Yahoo were French based companies how eager he would be to have them paying taxes to other countries. Sounds like jealously, pure and simple.

Maybe the USA should tax the French for using Google and Yahoo.

[Quote:] “These companies are taxed in the country where they are headquartered, although they tap a significant part of our advertising market,” [/Quote] Hahahaha Don’t you belive it.

LOL, the french gov is so stupid.

They should get up their asses and fix the in-house problems!