French government considers Internet censorship bill

French government considers Internet censorship bill.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Last month U.S. Senators attempted to pass the "PROTECT IP" bill, which aimed to cut down Internet-based copyright infringement and piracy. However, the means by which the law would combat cyber crimes - the censorship of search engines - came under fire. Unsurprisingly, Google took exception to the law that many speculated could lead to arbitrary web censorship. Erik Schmidt, the company's Executive Chairman, declared at a conference in London that the search engine giant would fight against any law that would "whack off the DNS." While the bill is presently on hold, another country is now discussing how to best police its internet.

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Morons! Censoring the internet is not the answer! Shutting down linking site, fining or arresting the operators or linking sites is not the correct response (they haven’t done anything wrong or legal)! We have failing economies all over the world, including in first world countries, and governments are spending so much money and time on this ridiculous and little thing that it’s driving me crazy! Copyright infringement is not that big of a problem as compared to the health, education and employment of the citizens in our countries! There are not that many, if any really, lost jobs in the media world to justify all of this craziness, not to forget of course all of the copyright trolls out there making an easy quick buck! Why don’t you governments actually try fixing real problems for a change instead of the ones that you’re basically bribed (RIAA and MPAA - you should be ashamed you selfish asses) to go after!

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