French court rules in favor of private P2P use

I just posted the article French court rules in favor of private P2P use.

 heystoopid used our news submit to tell us "Oh well, in this short article over at arstechnica, the judge likened digital files on the P2P network  is identical to the use of a photocopier in...
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As I already frequently had the opportunity to have it known around here, we in France, have to pay a tax on any blank media. This tax is supposed to compensate the loss due to “private copy” you are legally allowed to burn. This is this rulling’s main point : there is no prejudice as the losses, due to P2P use, have already been compensated. Champagne on my treat, Boyz !

im from france as well and the tax system is stupid. everyone i know orders blank media from germany and the good people of france who buy blank media for legal use are punished for the illegalities of pirates :r