French court prohibits DVD copy protections?



I just posted the article French court prohibits DVD copy protections?.

Maybe some of our readers that are French speaking can verify this story from a few more sources other than this original French one But here is a translation provided by All…

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This is too good to be true (but a little late for an april fool, so I have hope)!


Yes this is the feeling I have as well. The only thing that makes me think this is true is that in that country, if I am not mistaken, they already pay a tax on DVD for copy reasons. To me, if a governmet wants to charge such a levy this is fine, but then the consumer should be able to use the media for backup. If not, then they owe the public some money back. You can’t have it both ways. Plus, I just want to believe it. :d


Yes it is true!!! wa are paying very heavu taxes on blank DVDs medias. We are payind 0.79€/hour, that means 1.78€ taxes for 1 dvd. Here you can’t find a blank dvd for less than 2€ !!! Thanks god with the U.E we can order them in Germany, Luxembourg… :B


I for one would not frown on paying a tax on blank media (oops… in Canada!.. doing this already)…even a buck or two is OK… so long as the copy protections disappear as well so as not to impede my abilities to exercise my right to make a copy in the 1st place… What the hell is wrong with that?


It’s not a joke, and is confirmed on VNUNet (, 01Net and VNUNet both own magasines in France and generally are a reliable sources. Having read both articles it seems that the copy protections on these discs are not fully readable on all players, and I don’t think that they are talking about standard CSS protection. Also they say that these protetections are legal in France so long as it is clearly specified on the box. I don’t think that it is rearly anything to get excited about… Bichonn where do you get discs in France at 2€? the cheapist I’ve seen is 3€ and it can be as much as 7€ for a verbatim disc in some supermarkets … I think this tax is a shame as anyone who burns alot buys abroard now …


This story is also here Now, why should I pay tax on blank DVD that I use to backup my hard drive? Not easy subject to make laws that are “fair” to everybody all the time … What next, government says that DVD blanks illegal private import?


hi well im french and this is what i get from it all in france you have the right to backup whatever u buy for privite use… one court said copy protection was illegal because the plaintiff could not back up his dvd to vhs… but just a few days before in an other court on another case based on music cds the court determined it was legal to copy protect material as long as the consumer was informed of the protection before buying, but condemmend the music company to dammages anyway because the music cds already sold didnt work with all cd readers and the consumer was not informed … Justice is a little mixed up on these matters … i hope thats understandable english :slight_smile: and yes in france there is a tax on the megabyte of blanque media to compancate on piracy…witch is acceptable for cds but just gets outrageous for dvds …i buy them in germany because its outrageous and id rather loose my pinky before i give money to the majors:X


I’m french too, and it’s really true. It’s a really decision of the Paris Court of Appeal, but in contradiction between another decision in france too on a similar affair so… But this decision is really true, you can believe this news. The alain sarde films and studio canal (+) have one month to de-closed their DVDs and have to pay 100 euros to the client, and 150 euros and 1500 euros to UFC. Judges said too there’s not enough information on their DVD to precise the protection. CP (copie prohibée, or PC: copy Prohibited in english) was too small and it’s not enough. And the protection was not good with the french law of ability to do personal backup copies. But the problem will be with the future europe with laws which want to do the contrary…


Yes it is true!!! wa are paying very heavu taxes on blank DVDs medias. We are payind 0.79€hour, that means 1.78€ taxes for 1 dvd. Here you can’t find a blank dvd for less than 2€ !!! Thanks god with the U.E we can order them in Germany, Luxembourg… :B that’s hars mate :d the cheapest ones here are like 0.30€ :S
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You have to pay a tax to compensate people for other’s illegal activity? You can’t just force the guilty to pay for the loss of the company which would thereby be a deterrent to stealing in the first place? Hardly seems logical.