French company launches its self destructing DVD (DVD-D)

I just posted the article French company launches its self destructing DVD (DVD-D).

 Despite the disappointing success of  the Flexplay EZ-D disposable DVD,          a  French company has developed their own disposable DVD (DVD-D).  Like an EZ-D,   the disc is sold in a ...
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Just like I posted 6-8 months ago about EZ-D products like these (sperifically designed to rot) are a bane to society and the enviroment. Even if these discs were offered at grocery stores for a mere $ 0.99 a disc, DO NOT BUY THEM! Stop letting big business destroy our enviroment so they can make a quick buck. In fact I would go as far to say I think this is outright immoral. I would love to see Congress pass a bill that makes it a crime against the enviroment to specifically make products that can rot/rust outside of a reasonable time (ex: years). We do not need something new filling out landfills, we have enough disposable dipers, cheap CD/DVD players, easily scratched CDs/DVDs, etc, etc that we don’t need another product that was purposely designed to be thrown away a mere 96hrs after purchase.

Ignore Rhelics “sissy Eurorant” as is as soon as he posted it he probably went out and bought 100 to 200 Blank cd-rs or DVD-R’s.Everyone Knows those are Enviromently Friendly(If Anyone cares).Man what do you think this site is about Dude?

…By the way the Frech Actually Made a “Self-Surrendering” DVD Disc.You have to make what your good at :slight_smile:

According to the company’s website, the disc and all its packaging is recyclable. It is not clear however if one can simply dump the lot in a typical ‘plastic only’ recycle bin. Then again, consider the amount of packing thrown out each time someone goes to a take-away :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with Rhelic on this one. No need to ask people not to buy this, this will fail miserably, by default. Just because something is recyclable (plenty of things are) doesn’t mean it’s “environmentally friendly” or that it will be recycled to start with. There is no point in making something then crushing it soon after to make it into another product. That is pure waste of energy & resources. Environmentally ‘friendly’ is having the disc u got, returning it, and letting it be used for years for thousands of viewers, not replicated thousands of times only to be thrown away thousands of times over. Every disc (and its packaging) out there is damaging…so the key is to minimise waste to begin with. That’s just the waste aspect. There is a whole other aspect (market needs, business needs) that I won’t go into. It’s a product where a product is not needed and will fail miserably because of it. They can test the market all they want, this thing will just not fly. Good luck to them, lol.

When all the oil runs out and we can’t make our precious plastics anymore, people are going to look back at models like this and shake their heads in shame.

>> The makers of the DVD-D claim their product is much cheaper to produce. I’m corn-fused here. I’m going to assume that the disposable is made in the same DVD pressing plant, with the same reflective layer and the same screen printing, although I cannot confirm the latter due to never having seen one of these little mosnters. Seems to me that they should cost the same, or more, since you’d have to have extra chemicals in the disc to cause oxidation, and maybe a little stronger plastic seal to prevent pre-purchase destruction. Or maybe I’m an idiot. Yeah, that’s probably it.

OMG, That’s the funniest thing I’ve read week!

I will assume the disk itself is also plastic wrapped as would be the packaging or whats to stop an eco-terrorist going into a store with a needle to ventilate a bit of stock…:X

“…whats to stop an eco-terrorist going into a store with a needle to ventilate a bit of stock” Perhaps a .45? I’d love to see Apu blow away some eco-terrorist in his little Quickie Mart.:b:d

What’s the point of this if you can have a backup in 15 minutes?

even in 8 minutes with an 8x burner:d, but about that self destructtive dvd what if you watch the movie and after that you put the disc in the freezer ,then the disc is frozen :d so the self destruction will not go into progress.:d

Hmmm, a freezer full of DVDs…nice… :+

I agree, the only point of this is that it saves you returning the disc to the rental source. But as you point out 8-24 hours = enough time for a quick backup. Therefore the only benefits really are to the rental retailer or maybe to the buyer if you really can’t stand taking ur discs back. Having said that the quick thinking amongst retailers might think, hmmm, machine filled with rental DVDs, dispensed via credit card = less staff to employ, just chaps on vans to re-fill machines and keep them in working order, no more retail space…machines pretty much could be anywhere. They could be in other shops, nice little draw to get bodies through the doors…? So for the wise there’s money in them thar destructable DVDs…one might go so far as to say, at the right rental price per disc, everyone can be a winner.

Seems silly, but it makes it easier to get movies by renting and copying them, so i am all for it :wink:

“Hmmm, a freezer full of DVDs…nice…” That reminds me I Have to pull out a DVD From the freezer to thaw out for Supper Tonight. :B

I too see no viable value in this product… Time will tell, but, I’m with the naysayers on this one:d

I can’t believe u ppl can’t see the trap here. What they really want is to stop U to buy any dvd in th future, instead ONLY renting! Think ppl, it generate MORe money to them IF YOU rent a dvd eVeRY TIMe you want to watch that movie again! Think: that’s more interesting$ to them: u buy spiderman movie dvd (for 17 dollars or less) or ReNT this spiderman dvd (7 dollars) eVeRY TIMe you want to watch them again ? of course to rent! You will want to watch that good film a LOT of time during your lifetime! every attemp, more money goes to him, like a ppv… In the other side, they’ll sTOP to sell the movie, ONLY renting them, forever… slavery! U can’t forget that disney Want’s to control$ the videotores and the rent busine$$$… To make them more richier… And disney tells they Want to stop the selling of their films in the future, only renting them! It’s a trap, like divx (failed aggainst the dvd) Was…:d

jcsm2K3 - that’s a damn good point. Plus, the “window of opportunity” to copy is limited. In addition, if you buy a DVD movie now -you can loan it to a friend which is what happened today at work. Someone bought Equilibrium and then brought it in so i could take it home and watch it. :X