French approve copyright bill with many new changes



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  RTV71 used our news submit  to tell us the latest in the story concerning the French and  their legal systems view of DRM controls. What makes this bill interesting, is now  DRM will...
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Is there anywhere in this world that the RIAA doesnt have their hands in tsomeones pockets? I guess the people dont have a voice at all…


Is there anywhere in this world that people actually care about the RIAA anymore


You will care if they call you your door.


In France, we don’t have RIAA, but the SACEM, which is even worse. There is is already a big tax on every blank CD and DVD sold in france (1.45€ of tax on a DVD !), and nobody knows what the SACEM does with all the money collected.:r
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To answer questions pose din this thread: Canada. They’re trying hard but we’ve never been RIAA friendly here.


We all know what Apple is going to do… They are going to quit selling iTunes in France. I cannot see Apple giving their DRM technology to other manufacturers. I bet this will only hurt the consumers.


Hurt consumers? Any cessation of sales of ripoff products such as iTunes (lossy content criminally overproced) can only HELP consumers IMNSHO.


You might not use or like iTunes, but that is beside the point. Lots and lots of people do use iTunes for a variety of reasons. If, and I do mean IF, Apple were to pull out of France, then anyone who used iTunes might not be able to. (Please, no more cheap-shots about iTunes being over-priced, low-quality, blah blah blah…)


Commmme ON! Apple will not pull out of France. They have been given a perfect loophole. The law only says that they have to share their DRM with other companies that want to produce an IPod compatible device, so Apple creates a spinoff or two, “gives” them access to the DRM to produce their non-IPod, IPods and the law is satisfied but noone wins because there will be no true competition. Secondly, Apple would not pull out of France because there’s still too much money to be made through ITunes, so even if Apple were to allow a couple of true competitors to use their DRM to creat IPod compatibles, they still win in selling ITunes to the people who buy the music for their non-IPod IPods. Win-Win for Apple and probably Lose-Lose for the French people.


This news (and the Computerworld source article) is missing an important part about DRM in the new french law : usage of means to circumvent a DRM will be punished with a EUR 750 fine; creation of means to circumvent a DRM with a EUR 3,750 fine; publishing of means or information to circumvent a DRM with a EUR 30,000 fine and 6 months of prison. So we will have to remove dozens of programs , many articles/tutorials and close some forums. Apart from hardware considerations, i think the only thing which last is talking about making a diaporama or a compilation of own data files with Nero :c


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