French anti-piracy three strikes system makes its first victim

I just posted the article French anti-piracy three strikes system makes its first victim.

An internet user in France has been partly disconnected from the internet and with that he is the first victim of the controversial three strikes legislation introduced to fight piracy.

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not bad considering that the 3 strikes law is banned in all countries in the EU. what i am waiting to see now is which body calls the French government out over this action.

How much do you want to bet that this “appeal” that must be done within 10 days requires paying fines. I’ll bet that one way or another that some of the money ends up in the hands of the ISP’s, and some ends up in the entertainment industry, so that it might be re-spent in on R&D to develop better* DRM.

*better meaning that the studios and providers are able to rip off more people by making it even harder to play downloaded content without buying it again and again.

Too bad this fellow wasn’t a member of a Spanish cycling team or more than half of his punishment would have been pre-dated and no longer in-effect.