Freezup with Dell / Roxio / HP / W2K

Dell Dimension 450 (P-II) / W2K SP2 / HP 9906j CD-CDW-DVD / Adaptec DirectCD Wizard 3.01d S54.

Adaptec is really Roxio updated with all that I can find. Came with the CD/DVD drive. Free … get what you pay for, I guess.

Behavior is that the second CD that is formatted causes system to hang after formatting is finished. Nothing works! Must power off!!! Cannot ShutDown. Cannot get CD out until I grab it during startup. However, the CD is formatted.

Note that after boot, the first CD formats just fine. HP replaced the drive but still have the problem. Every once in a while, it works OK on the second format, but rarely, and if there is a magic sequnce, I can’t figure it out.

Ideas? Hardware? Dell BIOS? Software?

It’s the software your problem…

HP gives you free software on their site… just check it out.

Search for DLA


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Many many thanks. HP has two packages there, the DLA Toolkit and RecordNow. DLA looks pretty straightforward (I use the CDs for backup and images), while RecordNow seems more suited to music etc. ???

Is it correct that they you use one or the other but not both?

I assume that I should uninstall the Roxio software that was provided by HP with the 9900cj. ???

I guess it was an old version and is replaced by the DLA Toolkit. ???

Sorry to be a bother, but I really appreciate your help.

The Record now is more for music and exact copy …ect…

I would uninstall the roxio software!!!

But , Roxio’s Easy Cd creator v 5.1 is really working fine…
but only the 5.1 not 5.01 or 5.02…

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