Hello as you can guess im new to dvd writting and im having a problem suprise suprise.I have got a optorite dvd writter and clone dvd 2 im managing to copy images ok but its freezing when i try and write them to dvd.
any help?

Please post the exact point at which Clone DVD 2 freezes and/or any error messages that come up. Also, have you tried any other burning programs? Trying another program will at least let you know if the problem is with Clone DVD 2 or with your burner or system in general.

It freezes after it asks for a blank dvd it says setting up, erasing then writting but never goes past 0%
it has copied once out of about 12 goes.
do you think it could be the cheap dvd burner?
I was thinking of upgrading it any way.

and the little red light on my dvd writter flashes on and off dead quick.

You mentioned it has an ‘erasing’ message. Are you using DVD±RWs?

What model DVD burner do you have? Usually bad burners simply result in bad burns; there’s usually no incompatability with burning software itself.

Im using DVD-R and its an optorite 4x + - R,RW i think its very cheap i got it bundled with a pc i bought ive upgraded alot of it but not the writer
but it worked ok with clone dvd then i got clone dvd 2 and its not so good it works fine with alcohol 120%.

It definitely sounds like the problem is with Clone DVD 2. Try completely uninstalling it and reinstalling the latest version. Aside from that, I would recommend using another burning program. is a great dvd backup resource- browse around there and see if anything piques your interest.

Good Luck