Freezing While Installing Java

I have download Sun’s Java VM, and when finalizing the installation it freezes, requiring me to restart my computer. When I get back into Windows, it is installed 3 quarters of the files but not all of them! I have tried Microsoft’s Java VM, but I still can’t get java to work on my computer.

Any Ideas


VM for programming in Java, or web VM for viewing Java related websites correctly?

I got my install for websites here:

And for programming, when I had Java, I used the student CD which came with my book, but I experienced no crashes.

Java for viewing websites.

I went to that site too, but that is the file thst crashes at the finalising.

Did you try capturing the file directly?
I put a copy here for you to try.

Also, it creates a log in:
C:\Documents and Settings–USERNAME–\Local Settings\Temp

where --USERNAME-- is the name logged in right now.
make sure to enable system hidden files to see it.
Check the log, maybe an error was created and reported.

Its specifically caled “java_install.log”

Good Luck,

direct download of install for offline installation.

Thankyou for your replies, I have tried download direct and Offline download but it keeps freezing.

I checked that log, and everything looks O.K…

Every time I try to open up a page in Internet Explorer that uses Java, it closes strait away. If I uninstall Sun Java, It will stay but i’ve got no Java installed. This happens in FireFox too.

P.S I went to xtacydima’s link and it said that Java was intalled and working properly, but is not:confused:

When I try to access Java from the control panel it just starts loading and stops…

(I’ve got lots of problems don’t I? :wink: )

no po-up killers?..per chance:confused:

Nup Nup…

can you at least get a dancing guy???

Internet Explorer = Comes up, doesn’t load and then dissapears:(

FireFox = Comes up, doesn’t load and then dissapears:a

IE Settings ok?
Use mine as a reference, since mine work.

OK… here it goes.

Yesterday I tried to Install Microsoft Java VM and I got a “This setup will only upgrade over an existing version of the Microsoft VM”. Then I click OK and it says “The Installation is Complete”. The installation doesn’t complete, and shows no signs of it completing. So either way I can’t get Java installed. I’ve got the Sun Java option in Internet options but I don’t have the Microsoft VM, and the Java option doesn’t work eg. point the mouse to tools, and click “Sun Java Console”. For me, it just quits Internet Explorer and back to the desktop:a :a :a :a


Whenever I try to view a movie file, the Computer freezes. ANY MOVIE FILE.

I’m this close to re-installing Windows XP all together.

But thanks for all the help so far xtacydima and ckin2001.:iagree: