Freezing when re-coding

trying to convert avi to burn onto dvd but no matter wat software i use ie: nero winavi or divx2dvd my pc freezes and i have to manually turn off??
do i have a conflict somewhere??

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Your informations are not sufficient to figure what can be the problem. Can you post more details?

CPU, Memory, operative system, software installed such as antivirus or other programs running in background, etc. If you use windows, try to take a look at event viewer: maybe here you can find an answer to your problem.

am using windows xp sp2
amd athlon xp 2400+ 2.01 ghz
1 gb ram
norton antivirus 2003

I have exactly the same problem and am using a resh installation of XP and all the latest drivers. I have emailed winavi and they have made some suggestions, though these don’t work.

The only programme which I can get to sucessfully work is VSO DIVX TO DVD (it does other files too). You can download if from

Please let me know of you ever solve the original problem, cos it has driven me mad recently

Have you overclocked your system? Freezing during CPU activity @100% can be due to an uncorrect overclocking.

how do i go about finding out if i’m over clocked?

have tried using vso that but get same results :a

Is it a self-assembled computer? What is mainboard? Are you sure that heatsink is correctly assembled? Athlon XP are heat producing CPUs, so if heat is not correctly dispersed PC freezes (or reboots or turn off automatically).

What PSU do you have? How many watt?

I think that goes without saying :slight_smile:

Go to Start> Settings> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Event Viewer. Click on System, look for little Red Crosses and post back what they say. Go into Applications as well - post back.

i am similar problems with my pc crashing while converting, i have a similar set up although mine is amd 3500.
i ran the test as you mentioned and there seems to be a lot of errors from the cd rom and a few for net bt???

any ideas?