Freezing problems! memory?

sorry if this has been answered before but since buying the software i seem to be suffering a few problems with freezing, this usually starts around or after 1 hour and 15 mins.

the set up if will help
athlon 2.0
512 ram
80 gig hardive
then newest nero

wasted loads of discs trying to sort it out. is this a common problem? the discs i have been using are bulqpac. second version

also can someone point me in the direction of cheap discs thanx scoot

some other thread mentioned dvd2one using lots of memory would it be an idea to use more? is 512 enough?

Not sure how you are working, but if it’s taking that long, there must be something seriously wrong with your system, as Dvd20ne, seldom takes longer than 30 mins to process.

Bulkpaq are not the best media in th world, try Ritek disks, such as Traxdata’s, but I dont think that is the answer to your freezes or excessive time to process.

Make your Swap File (Pagefile.sys) twice the size of your physical
memory on both Min and Max.

DVD2One is very processor intensive, so leave the machine alone to do its work.

Disable any programs running in the background, such as Virus
Scanners, Screen Savers etc,.

Bulkpaq? You get what you pay for. Try Nan-ya as an alternative.

I suspect Scoot means an hour and fifteen minutes after starting to play the newly created DVD?

If so, it certainly seems like media problems. Try and find some Ritek and then try burning at 1x speed. That should certainly eliminate media as the culprit.

512Mb is more than enough for DVD2One, just make sure you don’t have some other CPU/RAM hog running at the same time.


yes, sorry, i should of mentioned it was when watching the burnt film it tends to freeze. and yes everytime its frozen its been with bulqpac.

i think im gonna give up with cheap brands, as i’m sick of having problems, the worst thing is ive backed up all of my own dvd’s 50 ish and their is only a handful that work from start to finish and i didnt realise till i started watching them, NEVER AGAIN

by the way i bought a re writable the other day, just to make sure it was the media, and yes the re write worked perfectly. i have now tried three films and the re write has been perfect every time!

thanx for your replies sorry its been a little late in coming heavy work load im afraid…:bow:

This may sound obvious, but if your poor quality disks play ok on your DVD-ROM drive, it should be possible to copy them to decent media, using a straight disk -disk copy.

This will obviously save you having to rip and transcode them all over again. Try one first though :wink:

same for me!!!

Bulpaq freeze!!!

Anybody have other types freeze on them?